Category: Employment Law

Employment Law

The employment law services Armstrong Thompson Law provides include:

  • Advice concerning Individual Employment Agreements
  • Drafting clauses for Employment Agreements
  • Personal Grievances
  • Undertaking impartial investigations, adhering to the principles of natural justice
  • Legal representation concerning workplace issues including:
    • Unfair dismissal and disadvantage claims
    • Employer duty to accommodate following injury
The firm acts mainly (but not exclusively) for Unions and workers. We have developed experience in the interpretation of Agreements and the enforcement of the terms within an Agreement. We are aware that a lot can be at stake when a person or business is faced with an employment dispute. We help prepare for meetings and can attend meetings to advocate on a person’s behalf. We understand the importance of providing support throughout the disciplinary process.
If an adverse decision is made, our approach is to find ways to settle the dispute early to avoid protracted litigation and costs. If this cannot be achieved the firm can represent a person at mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and beyond.